OSRAM POWERBALL HCI ceramic technology is setting new standards for high-pressure discharge lamps

With its innovative round ceramic arc tube, patented by OSRAM, the new POWERBALL HCI metal halide lamp provides even better performance than the old cylindrical POWERSTAR HCI in terms of light, colour and stability.


POWERBALL HCI-T is a compact discharge lamp with the latest arc tube technology.

With its round ceramic arc tube patented by OSRAM, it has even better performance in terms of light, colour and stability than the old cylindrical design, and a longer average life of 12,000h.

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POWERBALL HCI-TC are the most compact ceramic arc tube lamps in the POWERBALL HCI family for use in very small luminaires. Their dimensions allow good focusing in the luminaires. All POWERBALL HCI lamps have excellent colour rendering, low colour spread, optimum colour constancy and high luminous flux.

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POWERSTAR HCI-PAR offers ceramic technology in PAR reflectors. With their tried and trusted screw bases and integrated reflectors, these lamps provide exciting new options for accent lighting.

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POWERBALL HCI-E/P lamps have been specially developed for use in open luminaires. Additional safety elements for the arc tube and outer bulb, and patented POWERBALL technology from OSRAM ensure optimum performance in safety, luminous efficacy, color rendering and color constancy - all without a shield on the luminaire.

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POWERBALL HCI-E and HCI-T 250W are ideal for outdoor applications and also in rooms with high ceilings. They combine large amounts of light with best colour quality and a warm tone - particularly suitable for indoor applications with high demands, such as atriums, museums, sports halls and prestige offices with high ceilings.

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POWERBALL HCI-TT provides white light specifically for outdoor lighting. Its white light, similar to that of a halogen lamp, shows the surroundings in their natural colours and is very pleasant on the eye. This effect also gives people an increased sense of security.

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POWERBALL HCI-TS is a double-ended discharge lamp in OSRAM-patented POWERBALL technology. With its round ceramic arc tube, it offers even better performance in terms of light, colour and stability and a longer average life of 12,000 h.

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The POWERBALL Shoplight HCI series has been developed specifically to meet the lighting requirements of shop interiors. These lamps not only have extremely good natural colour rendering at the red end of the spectrum but also offer high luminous flux, so merchandise is presented in more natural colours than ever before.

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